About YogiCake and Kate Rizzo


Kate Rizzo's Journey (thus far)


Being an entrepreneur for many years Kate Rizzo found herself burned out, unsatisfied and turning to unhealthy methods for release. As she searched for more meaning and a healthier sense of self she looked toward her Yoga practice and dove into a 200 hr teacher training program that changed her life. From there she discovered the power of Reiki, an ancient Japanese practice of energy balancing. After completing level 1 & level 2 Reiki attunements she found herself drawn to sharing this beautiful energy with the animal world and completed her animal Reiki practitioner certification. Soon after she entered the world of Reiki Master. The flood gates of the spiritual path opened wide and she is now versed in reading the Akashic Records, Crystal Energies including Grids and Crystal Reiki, Tarot reading and Space Clearing for the Home. A consistent practice of meditation has added much value to her spiritual practice and to her engagement with the outside world.



With a need to share this peace and happiness with the world, Kate Rizzo founded YogiCake with the idea that in this life most of us are searching for internal happiness. We're told that struggle and stress are a hallmark of success. That if we are happy we must also have suffering to justify the happiness. The world offers us many external tools to satisfy our search for happiness yet it's often temporary and leaves us in a constant state of restlessness and comparison. Kate's found much freedom in using the tools of Yoga, Meditation, Reiki and Tarot to embrace the ebbs and flows of life and find happiness from within. If you're finding yourself stressed out, unsatisfied and wanting a change contact Kate. Kate is well versed in "distance reading" if you're not in the Denver or Lakewood area of Colorado. 


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