Join the Experience

Reiki Level 1 Attunement

Kate’s reiki attunement was my first true experience with Reiki. I had never practiced or participated in this type of energy work prior. The attunement process was so wonderful in every way. Kate created such a beautiful and safe space with a warm and open environment in which each of us felt comfortable in being vulnerable and honest. 

The energy of the room was bright and Kate walked us through how we would feel before, during and after the attunement process without placing any expectations. She created a comfortable space in which we all went from being strangers to feeling like a group of friends. She constantly asked us how we were doing and asked if there were any questions. Kate’s vibrant energy and loving spirit was exactly the kind of vibration I needed during the attunement and her openness and vulnerability made for a great space for transformation and energy work. Thank you sharing your knowledge, your power and your energy with me Kate -Meghan S.

Reiki & Restorative Yoga

 So you know my backs been bugging me since I got back to Chicago [three weeks ago]? Well only after your (YOUR!!) yoga did it finally feel better. I literally tried everything!! [One of two] yoga classes I’ve experienced that healed a part of me! -Caroline C.

Distance Reiki Session

Kate’s Reiki energy is so transformative. During our sessions together, I feel as if my entire body has been transformed into a fluffy pink cloud. All of my tensions and troubles just evaporate away. Her kind interpretations of what’s going on in my energy coupled with her loving recommendations always help to bring me back to my proper path. -Michelle S.

Reiki & Restorative Yoga

 This was such a good class. I walked out of there feeling light and great, it was an awesome way to start the weekend and year! I could really tell you were in your element, you’ve got an incredible gift of being genuine and inspirational. And although I always knew that, I was truly impressed today by the way you guided everyone through the practice. I didn’t want it to end! Keep up the good work. I cant WAIT to come to another one. -Molly O. 

Private Reiki Session

I'm new to reiki but I am so grateful I chose to start with YogiCake. She is intuitive, professional, personable, knowledgeable on the inner workings of energy, subconsciousness, and emotional wellbeing. I wasn't exactly sure what to expect but the moment I walked in there is a feeling of peace, empathy, and positivity. It can be described as going to the physician for either a specific issue or just a wellness checkup and finding a doctor who you can have confidence in. That's the care someone like YogiCake puts into providing you with an experience to dive into your holistic wellbeing with an emphasis on mind and energies that control the emotional, spiritual, and physical self. From basic to cosmic benefits of reiki and other holistic wellbeing practices can't even begun to be described adequately here. Crystals and calming music help maintain a safe spiritual feeling. Please note that while there are various theories on the metaphysical reality Reiki is a very real practice and the results can be easily felt. You want someone who is knowledgeable and professional, someone who you can trust, and someone who has a heart clearly involved in helping your help yourself and reading your well being allowing you to be your best version. Please give her a try you'll be glad you did! -Matthew K. 

Private Reiki Session

Kate has a warm and genuine way of connecting deeply with the people she works with. I was seeking some release and direction when I met with Kate for a private reiki session. This was my first time ever trying reiki outside of minor touch healing in yoga classes. The space was so inviting and instantly calming. I felt safe and accepted as soon as I walked in. We sat down and she offered me some water while we went over the areas I wanted to focus on during my session. Then right away she started working on me. I had a very strong response to her energy and left her space feeling like the weight of 10 years had been lifted off of me. She offered me the permission I needed to take care of myself and change my lens to feel more open overall. I have recommended friends and family to Kate and would definitely see her again. -Jaimie G. 

Distance Tarot Reading

 This could not be more accurate for my life right now. And after having a week where my mind was in the state of “will I ever feel better” (depression stuff) this is such a nice reminder to focus on the good things that are in my control. And actually, I went to yoga this week and it really helped me get out of a funk I was in. Thank you so so so much, Kate. I truly needed these words this Friday morning. And hey, who doesn’t want to hear about a little good fortune. -Molly O.