Has anyone ever told you to "trust your gut" or "use your intuition?"  Do you have a hard time carrying out this idea in your every day life? Often times we hear this advice when we're struggling with a decision, dealing with difficult people in our life or going through a time of transition or even loss. Whether we consider it a positive or negative experience trusting our intuition and the way we feel about our experiences are concepts often unregarded by western society. We're told to stop crying, to toughen up and to not take things personally. Yet everything we feel and do relates to our well-being and directly affects our actions, emotions and life's path. It's imperative that we know how to use and operate our internal guidance system to reach for a meaningful and fulfilled life. Reiki helps you connect with your intuition, your internal guidance system.

So What Exactly is Reiki?

Reiki, is a Japanese form of energy healing and is based on the belief that there is an energetic life force that flows in and around us at all times. Reiki Practitioner's such as Kate are attuned to this energy and act as a conduit to assist your body and mind to heal itself and dissolve blockages. Daily interactions and challenges in our life can block the flow of this pure energy.  Blockages can leave us feeling stagnate, slow, un-inspired and sometimes just stuck. Any mix of negative emotion and feeling are a signal to us that something is out of balance. A guided Reiki session consists of light hands on touch to identify blocked energy channels or chakras and help clear these blocks. A post session summary will help you identify areas in your life, either ongoing or temporary that may be contributing to these blockages. When you identify and make these adjustments you will become more in-tune with your own guidance system. Over time you will learn how to use your own intuition to guide your life's path and decision making abilities in a positive way. Reiki is a meaningful technique for all walks of life. It's a tool that allows the body to heal itself and teaches the receiver of the Reiki to be in tune with living a more mindful life. A Reiki practice is useful for humans as well as animals.  Kate can accommodate both distance and in person sessions for you or your beloved animals.

Who & What Can Reiki Help?

Reiki is a meaningful technique for all walks of life; Especially in times of transition, creative blocks, burnout and loss. It's a tool that allows the body to heal itself and teaches the receiver of the Reiki to be in tune with living a  more mindful life. 

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Reiki can be a useful technique for the following


  • Reduce anxiety
  • Deep relaxation
  • Alleviate stress
  • Recover from burnout
  • Clarity in decision making
  • Support for your immune system
  • Dissolve energy blockages
  • Creates harmony between the body and mind
  • Deepen your Yoga practice
  • Enhance or kick start your meditation practice 
  • Deeper sleep and regulation
  • Compliment medical treatments and relieve pain 
  • Aid in addiction and recovery treatments 
  • What doesn't Reiki do?